The Chemical Window (EP)

by Blind With Rain

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Blind With Rain marks the final evolution of Aaron Geis' musical vision. The debut E.P. titled The Chemical Window, completed in September 2005, cements his art with a new and experimental sound that is immediately both tender and severe.

"...the music here is nothing short of excellent, with clever beat programming (not in the pain-in-the-ass virtuoso sense of the word), great use of reversed vocal samples (see, even the oldest recipes can bring good results when you're talented), and there's a level of melody-crafting I hadn't heard in ages."
- Industrial Nation magazine


released September 7, 2005

all songs written, recorded and performed by Aaron Geis 2004-2005
mastered by Tom Baker at Precision Mastering
visual design by Aaron Geis



all rights reserved


Blind With Rain Baltimore

Blind With Rain carries its origins well with the careful marriage of classic, industrial themes and pulsating instrumental pieces with an enormously broad selection of experimental layers and vicious hooks. The sound is at once distantly familiar and distinctly unique with shattering vocal tracks that pierce the subconscious and demand its submission. ... more

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Track Name: Reduction; Seduction
i find strength in the system
i am always plugged in
the voices become hums
the silence is still twisting

seeing your face just passes the time
of a pathetic life you refuse to see
so desperate for a taste of love
but unwilling to see reality
walking in circles in flawless rhythm
your days are rotting from the inside out
a bondage that there is no release from
a standstill and there is no freedom

you can take your synthetic smiles
take your prosthetic hearts
take this analysis
follow your predecessor and make your mark

it pulls me in, it makes me feel like i want it back again

i am fictious.
i do not exist.
i make my decisions.
i do as i wish

when the energy has left your body
and you lie hypothetically still
i am the emotionless pain you feel every night
i'm tired of the repitition,
i'm tired of the days duplicating themselves
i'm tired of the conversations breeding
the hate is building, it is pouring down i am ready to break
it is building up, i am ready to break

i feel used...i find my answers
soon i'll be inside of you
soon i will have to listen to your alibi
and i am everything
everything you will ever need
everything i ever knew
always started inside of you
everything i have ever loved
everything i would have liked to have been
and if this is a dream of mine
will it last until the end of time?

why won't you discard me?
now that you have the chance
why won't you release me?
from this fucking romance
Track Name: Invade | Saturate | Dent
can you see me now?

do you want to use me?
do you want to fill me up?
why don't you tear all of this down?
come on now i'm just full of this stuff
and it comes to me
you think i'm here for you
and it occurs to me
that you are a selfish greedy fuck

can you see me now?
wasn't all of this your dream?
to have and to hold a memory that was yours
resentment for another day
can you see me now, in all of my glory?
(it's taking me apart)
can you see me now? i don't have a care, i don't have a worry
(i won't let you in, you can never stop me)
it's holding me back

places amongst the places again
a faceless face of endless time
waiting and pacing and fumbling
over and over and over and over
this is the fallout of you
this is the danger of me

through palettes of emotion and the dripping of paint
he gouged the thoughts from this color so faint

kindest regards to he who does not feel
thrashing and thwarting his trials and ways
stuck in this muck of a broken seal
he crawls absently into this decay

invade. saturate. dent.

this is a lie, this is a lie,
this is a lie that you kept inside
this is a lie, this is a lie,
this is a lie that you tried to hide
Track Name: The Chemical Window
give me my energy
give me the high i crave
give me my drug of choice
give me what i need
i need my dopamine

you think it is all the same
you think my every waking moment means nothing
you wouldn't believe how much it hurts

please make me whole again
help me forget my days with you
please make me whole again
help me forget

take this catastrophe
and you build it up
take it down
fake it and you break it down

i need you...i need you

give me the chemical
i need to feel out of control
give me the dopamine
i need to feel something
give me my chemical
i need to feel out of control
give me my dopamine
i need to feel anything at all

give me my dopamine
give me it
you know i need it
i've got to have it
i can't live without it

give me my chemical
Track Name: Abrasion
Track Name: Anything At All
it meant nothing

did any of this mean anything to you at all?


i was just there until something better came along

i believed in you
Track Name: Affliction
time ends inside itself
couldn't have been happier though
through the winter's dream
i have found sense of who to be
and it cuts and hinders me
burrows itself inside to see
i'm tangled in twine in this garden of mine

chances are that you have decided
chances are that you are leaving
that is just fine
but your body feels of nothing

i take this lonely reason
it bears unwilling words
by burying it deep within me
it's disease cures my uncertainty

this is my affliction and now there is no way out

this is the last taste
this is the last time
this is the only thing i fight for
there is no excuse
no more apologies
there is no temptation in this world

there is no remorse

speak your insincerity
question my authority
damage my confidence
tell me you are self-absorbed
mirror my reasoning
you are wearing it away

this is my affliction
Track Name: It Took Me So Long
accept this confinement
it is a stepping stone
there is only fear now
and when tomorrow comes
it will all be mine

it took me so long
to finally understand
i have become soiled
too distant to be there for you

thought about yesterday
wished for another way

thought it was me so i changed my ways
changed my ways but the love was the same

thought about...