The Chemical Reaction (Remixes, Outtakes & Demos)

by Blind With Rain

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A collection of remixes, outtakes and demos from The Chemical Window (E.P.).


released June 23, 2007

Aaron Geis



all rights reserved


Blind With Rain Baltimore

Blind With Rain carries its origins well with the careful marriage of classic, industrial themes and pulsating instrumental pieces with an enormously broad selection of experimental layers and vicious hooks. The sound is at once distantly familiar and distinctly unique with shattering vocal tracks that pierce the subconscious and demand its submission. ... more

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Track Name: Wearing Away (Instrumental)
Track Name: I Kiss The Air, The Sky (Demo)
it’s that uneasy feeling
that dense darkness
swimming around me
it saturates my mind

you stole something from me
something that i never even knew i had
but now i know i am without
you alleviate my ache

an emptiness is upon me
you made me overflow
you made me spill on to everyone
i am infatuated with your words

you alleviate my ache
you alleviate
Track Name: The Chemical Window (Edit)
give me my energy
give me the high i crave
give me my drug of choice
give me what i need
i need my dopamine

you think it is all the same
you think my every waking moment means nothing
you wouldn't believe how much it hurts

please make me whole again
help me forget my days with you
please make me whole again
help me forget

take this catastrophe
and you build it up
take it down
fake it and you break it down

i need you...i need you

give me the chemical
i need to feel out of control
give me the dopamine
i need to feel something
give me my chemical
i need to feel out of control
give me my dopamine
i need to feel anything at all

give me my dopamine
give me it
you know i need it
i've got to have it
i can't live without it

give me my chemical
Track Name: Loss of Feeling (Instrumental)